Blow Molder Sale UG

General conditions for sale and delivery of new and used machines No. 2020.1

New Flexblow machines from Terekas UAB, Kretinga, Lithuania:
The general terms and conditions of Terekas apply, available at

Used machines, accessories:
Offer and sale, severability clause

2.1. Orders become binding with regard to the type and scope of delivery through the order confirmation of the supplier. Changes and additions must be in writing.
2.2 All information, both oral and written, is only decisive if it has been designated as binding in the order confirmation. This information is often based on the information provided by the agent; deviations are possible. We therefore recommend to view of the used goods.
2.3 If machines are not offered from the seller's warehouse but from the location of the goods, the prospective buyer is obliged not to purchase the goods through a third party / company. Otherwise, the recipient of the offer must reimburse the seller in full for the lost profit.
2.4 Should individual items be or become ineffective, the remaining conditions are not affected. If a clause is ineffective, the content of the contract is based on the statutory provisions

Delivery obligation
3.1 Delivery obligations begin after receipt of all documents / information required for the execution of the order and the agreed receipt of payment
3.2 Events of force majeure at the supplier extend the delivery time appropriately. The supplier will immediately inform the customer of this

4.1 In the event of late payment, interest of 3% above LZB's discount rate will be charged.
4.2 Offsetting against claims of the buyer which are disputed by the seller is excluded.

delivery time
5.1 The delivery period is on hold until the goods have left the seller's warehouse or the buyer has been informed that the goods are ready for dispatch.
5.2 If the shipment of the goods is delayed due to circumstances for which the buyer is responsible,
he will be charged for any storage costs that the seller has to prove. The seller is entitled to dispose of the goods elsewhere after a reasonable period of time.

6.1 The risk is transferred to the buyer when the goods are handed over to the carrier, but at the latest when they leave the seller's warehouse. At the buyer's request, the seller can insure the goods against transport damage at buyers expense.
6.2 If the shipment is delayed due to circumstances for which the buyer is responsible, the risk passes to the buyer from the day of readiness for shipment. At the request of the buyer, the seller can insure the goods against damage at the buyer's expense.
6.3 Partial deliveries are permitted by arrangement.

Retention of title
7.1 The goods remain the property of the seller until full payment
7.2 The buyer may neither pledge the unpaid goods nor assign them to another as security.
7.3 In the event of a delay in payment, the seller is entitled - after a reminder - to take the goods back and the buyer is obliged to surrender them.

8.1 Used machines and accessories are usually sold without guarantee. We therefore recommend that you inspect the goods before concluding the contract. For new machines / new goods, the guarantee is explicitly shown.

Property rights
9.1 The seller guarantees that the delivery items are free of third party rights.
Place of jurisdiction
The place of jurisdiction is Hamburg